The essence of a healthy organizational culture

Published: 05th June 2007
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The organizational culture is an important factor that affects the development of a group and the productivity of the members. If a healthy organizational culture exists within a group; unity, cooperation, and organizational commitment can be easily promoted among the members. As such, if a healthy organizational culture exists, the group is almost assured of immediate progress. With all these, it becomes obvious why healthy organizational cultures should exist especially within workplaces.

A workplace is considered to be blessed with a healthy organizational culture if its set of work regulations grants the workers the right to remain physically fit and emotionally stable as well. However, it should be noted that such condition is not limited to the realms of fair workloads and just wages.

Other than that, a company can be fully recognized as one who has a healthy work set-up if it provides satisfaction for its employees. By satisfaction, we mean that the workers are fully contented with their work, the skills they have, their accomplishments, and their opportunities for growth. Also, the company should provide the workers a chance to maximize their potentials and realize their own personal goals in life by giving him grand opportunities for his or her personal development.

However, a healthy organizational culture is not just about the employees. The overall welfare of the company should be taken into account as well. It is important that, along with the compliance to the needs of the employees, the organizational culture should be made on the basis of its adherence to the company's mission and vision. As a result, a healthy organizational culture is not only beneficial for employees. Rather, such culture should bring about the fulfillment of both the aspirations of the workers and the progressive goals of the company as well. Most of these progressive goals fall within the realms of company expansion and profitability.

Summing it all up, we can see that the totality of a healthy organizational culture provides a win-win situation for both parties involved in employment. However, it is extremely important to take note that these potentialities for benefits and privileges demand a strict compliance to the rules of cooperation and teamwork. The quest to form a healthy organizational culture is not the burden of the company's administration team alone. Though the role of leadership, management, and initiation of plans are granted to the administration department, a healthy organizational culture cannot be achieved if employees lack support and commitment to the company.

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